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21 November 2002 - 180 IR15 Email this topic to a friend!
SF Admin

Blev medlem: May 21, 2001
Indlæg: 1189
Fra: Aabybro - DK
 Indsendt: 2002-11-21 00:58       ICQ status  Editer/Slet dette indlæg   Svar med citat
Opti har delt IR15 ud til beta testerne

- took out several problem maps
- updated strikeforce.ini
- updated server.bat files
- Put in new hit graphics on HUD so you can see what part of your body was injured from bullets
- gave the ak47 to both teams
-picking up weapons while change weapon shouldnt be possible anymore.
-nades reduced. 2Nades, 1flash 1 nade or 2 flashes.
-talktoall can be enabled Serverside. Like it was in Pure
(SF.SFPlayerReplicationinfo bTalktoAll and bTalktoAll2 settings in SF.ini)
- camera view adjusted
- shotguns adjusted to kill better
- network settings are no longer forgot when restarting
- 2 shots to the head with any gun kills (snipers still kill with one shot)
- gun animations fixed when switching, had wrong name listed
- Fixed AK47 and M203 to not fire off center
- AK47 Sil adjusted to be more centered

Still working on......
- Fixing MP5 silenced in 3rd person
- Making menu pop up at start without pushing "esc" key
- Ingame character changing
- Various other small tweaks

[ Im a man to you know, I go peepee standing up! ]

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