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Tuesday, 19 February 2019 02:29 am Forum Index » » Generelt Forum » » SF 1.81 status
SF 1.81 status Email this topic to a friend!

Blev medlem: Nov 05, 2001
Indlæg: 982
Fra: Lemvig
 Indsendt: 2003-01-12 21:47       ICQ statusEditer/Slet dette indlæg   Svar med citat
heres the list:

Today in the evening is an internal test where all features should be tested and proofed.

- Deathlag should be defeated.
- 3rd person view should be also fixed.
- Socom is back.
- M203 is back with nades, but they have a lower radius.
- SMGS have a higher firerate.
- bigger scopes

Well, no official news, just a little report of guru, so dont expect these features in the final 1.81 patch, but this is teh actual situation.

Have a nice day!


sf-net Team


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