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Saturday, 28 May 2022 10:23 am
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Last 10 messages in Reverse Order
Gogeta Ah here it is.

*spam* sry tyk

Gogeta LOL! Well, come on, lets play sometime then

hey where is my sig!?!

[ Denne Besked blev editeret af: GogyStyle den 2002-10-22 22:27 ]

JODE illu and hexa also knows how 50-0 feels like

GASP Hmmm.... 50 - 0 ... GASP knows how that feel...

I do believe.... I will kill u next time m8...

Gogeta i luv the rocket launcher in ut2k3 abit overpowered maybe .. but nice to play with anyway. I never got much frags in an UT match, but I can come around with Ut2k3. Hell, I can even make shock combo's now

U have the full game already jode? Let's do some 1 on1 then... I feel like losing with 50-0

i forgot to say THXXXXX to tyksak for being so nice to change my name again!! thanks mate

Intel Pentium IV 1,7Ghz | ASUS P4T Mobo | 256 PC800 Rimm | ASUS GeForce4 ti4600 | OS: WinXP Pro | Detonator 40.41

[ Denne Besked blev editeret af: GogyStyle den 2002-10-18 09:38 ]

JODE sorta.. I've goone multi clanning.. playing in a clan called jode these days. 0wning around and spotting those q3 players.. its going to be very interesting to see which community has the more skilled players and how q3 players addept to the combos and dual functionality in the guns. As it seems like right now they hit fairly well airborn with RL .. as again ut players don't even try because old ut RL's projectiles where to slowly moving to even try.. anyway.. goona be nice to see how it all goes.. + the MODSSSS ofcourse DDDD


ps. when LV needs someone to 0wn just put he a message and I'll come straighten ur beards

Gogeta are we dead before we even started jode?? =)) been a long time since i heared something from u. hehe
Gogeta LOL look what i found in the official forums of UT2003


If you have not done it already you should check out the sticky: im about to join them in the official ut2003 general discussion forum they are hilarious

It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum! And I'm all out of gum ... - Tha Duke

[ Denne Besked blev editeret af: [-Gogeta-(NL)-] den 2002-06-13 15:14 ]

DeadGuy The release date for the final version is 2. august. - just a bit more than a month away!
Gogeta hehe what did u expect from a pre-released leaked demo But although its hard to see anything from time to time, I think they did a pretty neat job .. cant wait to get my hands on the official demo phpBB Info phpBB Hack Info

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Saturday, 28 May 2022 10:23 am
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